Suspected Case of COVID-19 Protocols

These protocols must be followed in regards to receiving information of an employee or visitor that has become suspected of having contracted COVID-19.

 Also contact the Association directly on (09) 579 9704 or PM us after hours, there is always someone here to help, with guidance and support.




Risk Identification

Should any employee or visitor become suspected of having contracted COVID-19, or become aware they have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case this must immediately be reported to their employer



The Employer to Immediately:

  1. Shut the premise for minimum 3 days (unless confirmed not COVID-19) while investigation occurs.
  2. Notify Ministry of Health (Healthline Advice & Information line: 0800 358 5453)
  3. Begin contact tracing.


Contact Tracing:

  • The employer must identify all areas that the employee / visitor in question has accessed and compile a list of all people that may have been in the same home within a period of 7 days.
  • The employer must inform all those employees that there could have been an exposure, whilst protecting the privacy of the individual where practicable.
  • Employees who may have had contact to stay at home until case and contacts are confirmed or not in conjunction with Ministry of Health.



  • Before the premise in question can be opened again after 3 day closure a full sanitising clean should be completed.
  • DO NOT re-open site without specific approval from Ministry of Health.