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To become a member of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, the Executive Committee reviews all applicants thoroughly, checking all qualifications. You can feel assured of correct treatment methods and high safety standards by choosing a therapist that belongs to the Association.  Check that your beauty therapist is a member of the NZ Beauty Association.

As a member of the NZ Beauty Association, all beauty therapists sign an agreement to abide by important high standards:

  1. The well-being of all clients who receive services and treatment will always be upheld, including the protection against improper practices.
  2. A strict Code of Ethics, covering rules of conduct and consequences for noncompliance.
  3. A Health and Hygiene Guidelines, outlining stringent hygiene practices including hazard identification and hygiene standards set within each beauty treatment procedure.
  4. The public are made aware of these high standards within the Beauty Therapy industry and unacceptable practices by unqualified and badly trained operators and the personal damage that could result from such practices.

Download our codes, outlining what we stand for in ethics, practice, and rules that outline our responsibility to our clients, our future and ourselves.

Beauty NZ Code of Ethics

Beauty NZ Health and Hygiene Guidelines

Beauty NZ Rules

NZ Beauty Association Members' Events

Is your beauty therapy clinic or beauty school hosting an event?  Tell us about it and we will post the event online for everyone to see !

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