Health and Safety Induction Level 3




As we head into a Level 3 Three restrictions we have produced the following COVID-19, Health and Safety Induction, that must be adhered to - NZARBP


Download Health and Safety Induction HERE


Version 1.0 23rd April 2020

COVID 19 Health and Safety Induction - Level 3



The COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols outlines the minimum standards to be implemented at all Professional Appearance premises to manage risk of COVID-19 transmission on premises. These Protocols apply at Alert Level 3. These Protocols supplement the Health and Hygiene protocols as outlined by the NZARBP.



  • We are committed to working alongside Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • As an industry, we are united against COVID-19 and will do our utmost to protect our workers, the wider community, and New Zealand.
  • We know that we’re in this together – this means trusting those we work with will keep us safe and that we’ll do the same for them.
  • We recognise that we must work together to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in the supply chain.



We must provide a COVID-19 plan for each premise visited while in Level 3. These processes and protocols are explained but not limited to the information below and are separated into four sections:

  1. Before Arriving on the Premise
  2. Premise Entry
  3. Premise Operations (including deliveries & visitors)
  4. Leaving Premise



List of all potential situations where employees will be required to work closer than the 2m from another employee to complete tasks safely. As additional situations come up workers must be encouraged to identify these and have them added to the plan and ensure they are managed appropriately.

Resourcing plan to ensure those who do work within 2m of each other always work together and maintain a “bubble” that does not expose them to others.

Confirmation that no high-risk employees return to premise at Alert Level 3 (e.g. over 70 or those who are immune compromised.)

Consideration of whether physical distancing measures introduce new health and safety risks (e.g. because they impact communication).

Establishment of communication channel for employees to raise any concerns about the effectiveness of COVID-19 controls or identify improvement opportunities.



  • All premises to have clear entry / exit points and have clear signage to prevent members of the public from accessing the premise. All non-essential visitors to be stopped from visiting the premise.
  • Each premise must be set up with:    

                        I.         A sign in register that includes: name, full contact details, time in and a health declaration. This should also gather where the person has come from and when leaving their next destination.  This needs to be either contactless through the Business CRM system, an App or one individual to record details manually (not a shared process).

                      II.         Wash stations with anti-bacterial soap / hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol).

                    III.         A person is to be nominated with phone number provided for any COVID-19 concerns at the premise.

    • All people accessing the premise must be registered through the Business CRM, Contact App or documented by one individual as they  enter and exit at each  visit.  (All delivery companies will have their own CRM system in regards to capturing this data and can be assessed if required). This regime is critical to allowing contact tracing to occur in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.


How we work on our premise

  • We and our employees are  to ensure, unless unavoidable, that only one person is on the premise at any given time.
  • Eliminate face-to-face meetings.
  • All common areas shall be closed unless absolutely necessary. If required to be utilised these must be cleaned daily using an industrial cleaning regime.
  • Consider opening windows for more ventilation.
  • We and our employees are to bring a drink bottle and lunch to work – no leaving the premise to pick up lunch during the day. All food / drink waste must be immediately disposed of in rubbish bins or taken away from the premise by the employee.
  • Smoking should only occur in designated areas or off site and smokers must dispose of butts responsibly. Hands must be washed before and after smoking.

Cleaning Regime – Supervisor Responsibility

  • Make alcohol-based hand sanitiser available throughout the premise.
  • Daily cleaning of all high touch areas (e.g. door handles, reception desks, telephones, computers.)
  • Toilets shall be cleaned and maintained after each use
  • Utilise appropriate detergents or disinfectant solutions for all site, equipment, and amenity cleaning.
  • All non-essential visitors are to be denied entry to premises.


    • We and our employees should attempt to arrange all deliveries / orders through phone / online systems rather than face to face visits to store.
    • Do not take physical documentation from delivery driver. Utilise photographic proof of delivery.
    • Maintain minimum 2m physical distancing from delivery team.
    • If required the delivery the company will have a complete CRM system that can be called upon with regards to contact tracing.

Operators working in client homes

  • There is to be NO treatments/ services to performed/ provided at Level 3.
  • This includes offsite within personal homes.



Sign out process:

    • All those making deliveries other than delivery drivers to be registered through the Businesses CRM system, Contact App or Contact Register by the one designated individual before they leave the site.
    • Include next destination to assist with contact tracing in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case.
    • Acknowledge obligation to inform employer if they become unwell or become aware they have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case.
    • Sign out, wash hands and use hand sanitiser before leaving the site.


  • Should any employee or visitor become suspected of having contracted COVID-19, or become aware they have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case this must immediately be reported to their employer
  • The employer to immediately:

                        I.         Shut the premise for minimum 3 days (unless confirmed not COVID-19) while investigation occurs.

                       II.         Notify Ministry of Health (Healthline Advice & Information line: 0800 358 5453)

                     III.         Begin contact tracing.

Contact Tracing:

  • The employer must identify all areas that the employee / visitor in question has accessed and compile a list of all people that may have been in the same home within a period of 7 days.
  • The employer must inform all those employees that there could have been an exposure, whilst protecting the privacy of the individual where practicable.
  • Employees who may have had contact to stay at home until case and contacts are confirmed or not in conjunction with Ministry of Health.


  • Before the premise in question can be opened again after 3 day closure a full sanitising clean should be completed
  • Do not re-open site without specific approval from Ministry of Health.

3. Monitoring / Enforcement
We encourage all industry participants to take a zero tolerance approach to any serious breaches of this controls plan by either individual employees or external companies.

These controls will be shared with WorkSafe, Local Councils and MBIE / MOH. We expect that some / all of these entities will conduct audits against these controls.

This is document will be continually amended and updated with further Government directives