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Welcome to the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

Your connection to the Beauty Industry in New Zealand

The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals is the membership organisation for the beauty industry in NZ. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting our members, regulating the industry and achieving a highly qualified, and professional workforce.

Our members have industry verified qualifications, are fully insured and follow strict health and hygiene guidelines to safeguard consumers, and the future of the industry.


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11 August 2021
The NZARBP have been fielding a number of calls/ emails in regards to providing treatments/ services after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.
With current guidelines surrounding best practice, it would be advisable that clients have no invasive treatments or advanced services for two weeks after the Covid vaccinations, both the first and second injections.
The reason for the two week timeframe is to wait for any potential symptoms from the vaccine to subside; not everyone experiences noticeable symptoms after vaccination, but your body will typically have some type of inflammatory response to this.
We also recommend adding a disclaimer to your consultation forms in regard to the Covid vaccine.
We have developed a poster that can be used in your reception area HERE

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What a night!!! 

Thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate our Industry Awards and the  Associations 50th Jubilee.   

We would like to acknowledge the support of all our Sponsors and Judges as without you all this event would have not been possible.  To all of those that entered the Awards, we thank you for your time and commend you on the effort that was required to do so.  We have a strong and diverse industry which was highlighted by the calibre of entries that we received this year.

We look forward to bringing you our next BeautyNZ Association Awards in 2023. 

Our Category Winners:

NZ Clinic of the Year  Beauty Antix
NZ Spa of the Year Renaissance
NZ Student of the Year  Tayla McCance
NZ Therapist of the Year   Tegan Frost
NZ Most Promising Therapist Kate Hudson
NZ Nail Technician of the Year  Amanda Viviers
NZ Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year  Nicole Brown
NZ Trainer of the Year Gina Turner
NZ Tutor of the Year Jamie Flynn
Best use of Social Media Tegan Frost
Contribution to Industry  Janine Tait
Honorary Member Rosemary Currie
Honorary Member Donna Smith
Honorary Member Margaret Walsh
Honorary Member Don Kendall
Honorary Member Noel Turner



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The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

As of 2020 the NZARBP, had reached it 50th anniversary as an Incorporated Society.

This is indeed an extraordinary accomplishment and epitomises the will, determination and lasting success of our organisation.

Over the years we have worked towards protecting the interests of our members and consumers, and to help future-proof our industry by providing guidance towards industry regulations.

We are proud that our Association is built with a community of forward thinking, like minded individuals that are all committed to ensuring the success of the professional beauty industry in New Zealand.



Choose Members of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

Recent publicity about poor hygiene conditions and resulting bacterial infections has put beauty treatments under public scrutiny.  To highlight the benefits of visiting a member of The New Zealand  Association of Registered Beauty Therapists Inc,  we have launched the ‘Are you in Safe Hands?’ campaign.

It is important to check that your beauty professional is fully trained.

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