Meet Our Judges 2024

What makes the BeautyNZ Association Awards one of the most prestigious awards in the Professional Beauty Industry? 

Our distinguished judging panels!

We are very honoured to have a number of our industry leaders, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to our panels.  They all come from different industry sectors, yet they all share the same vision of promoting best practices.


Our judging panel for the BeautyNZ Association Awards 2024 includes:


Annette Mulligan

NZ Spa of the Year

Having trained at the Joyce Blok Institute 30+ years ago, Annette began her career in New Zealand before heading to Australia and then to the UK.  Spreading her skills across salons, gyms and also working for herself, Annette was then employed by the NHS.  This was to provide electrolysis treatments for two days a week which is where she became inspired to teach.

Annette then began teaching and writing Beauty Therapy, at The College of North West London and Barnet College.  She then returned to New Zealand in 2005 with a husband and 1 child (with 2 more to come along).  Upon returning she took a position teaching at The College of Beauty Therapy (now Face & Beauty). After her last child she took some time off before starting a new teaching position at Elite School of Beauty & Spa (part of the UP Education Group).

In 2017 moving into a resource development position, Annette was involved in creating the new NZQA Beauty Therapy qualifications Level 3 - 6 for Elite.  2022 saw a merge within Up Education. Annette is currently under the directive of Yoobee Colleges Ltd, where she continues developing resources across Elite and the wider group, including Cut Above and the New Zealand School of Tourism.  

“ I love my job and all things beauty, education and wellness”

Cheryl Cooke 1.jpg

Cheryl Cooke

NZ Nail Technician of the Year 

Trained in the UK, and emigrating to NZ in 2006, Cheryl’s extensive career in the Nail Industry has covered many facets within the past 20 years. It has touched ever corner of the industry from Beauty Clinics, Health Spas, Cruise Ships to owning her own Nail Salon.  Self-confessed OPI addict she is an International Ambassador and Educator and National Education/ Area Manager for Nails for CS & Co based in Auckland.

cris armal.png

Cris Amaral

NZ Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year

A passionate cosmetic tattoo artist, Cris left behind her career as a lawyer, to which she dedicated 8 years of her life, to follow her passion for drawing and art, which is translated into Cosmetic Tattoo for her. In this endeavor, Cris found out she loves studying skin-related matters, which added significant value to her cosmetic tattoo career. Cris is very proud of being part of the Executive Committee of the Beauty Association and gives her best in its service

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 12.13.38 AM.png

Debbie Challis

NZ Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year

Initially undertaking Cosmetic Tattooing training on the Gold Coast in 1992, Debra has over 30 years’ experience in Cosmetic Tattooing industry and has seen the industry evolve from very basic techniques in the early days through to the incredible skills available to artists today.

In more recent times Debra has been creating a professional range of products and pigments for artists throughout NZ and Australia and is proud to be the exclusive distributor for LI Pigments (USA) products and Monica Ivani Pigments within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Debra continues attending advanced trainings both locally and internationally to stay up to date with the most current techniques and still enjoys providing brow, eyeliner and lip services, along with saline removal and, of course, training and mentoring. 

Debbie Taylor Mar 21.jpg

Debbie Taylor

NZ Nail Technician of the Year

NZ Nail Academy are Distributors & Educators of 'Professional Only Products' throughout NZ and Australia. We believe that education is the foundation of building any successful salon or business. NZNA provide training for new and existing Nail Technicians, Beauty Salons and Therapists, offering both face to face and online training courses with their team of Internationally trained educators.

NZNA are the exclusive Importers/Distributors and Educators of award winning brands like Nail Perfect, Kenzico Professional, Vamp Nail & Beauty, Barbie Mirage, Gulauri throughout NZ & Australia, Get Buffed Pro by Sarah Elmaz and Moonflair Nails by Celina Ryden to NZ customers.  We have the pleasure of bringing to the nail professional world class leading product innovation and techniques that will make your business a huge success

" I believe that we create our own reality, dream big and big things happen... "

Elysa Sollis.jpg

Elysa Sollis

NZ Student / Apprentice of the Year

Elysa has been in the beauty industry for 11+ years and the nursing industry for 5+ years where she has continued to upskill and specialise in women’s health and beauty.  She is industry verified holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing as both a Registered Nurse and cosmetic nurse injector with her specialty background in gynaecology and plastic and cosmetic surgery and lastly holding New Zealand and international Beauty Diplomas.

Based in Lake Hawea, balancing family life and running and her own boutique home-based business, she prides herself on safe, hygienic and individually tailored treatments. Always following best practice guidelines as her client’s safety is her top priority.



Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 11.37.39 PM.png

Emma Fraser

NZ Nail Technician of the Year

Emma has been in the Nail Technology industry for over 17 years, owning a Nail salon who employs qualified Technicians.

For over 13 years Emma has also been involved in teaching to NZQA standards within a private training establishment which led to her  involvement in the Targeted Review of Qualifications and a part of the HITO Industry Advisory Panel for Nail Technology as well as Toitū Te Waiora reviews and consultation.  Emma is an industry assessor for HITO Te  Pūkenga.

Emma is an active member of the NZARP Executive Committee, becoming President in 2021 as well as holding the Nail Portfolio.

Jenny Barrow Circle.png

Jenny Barrow

NZ Student / Apprentice of the Year

Jenny Barrow possesses extensive expertise in the beauty industry and education field, making her a highly qualified Beauty Therapist and Educator. With over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry and additional involvement in education, Jenny's focus lies in the realm of dermo-nutrition and the practical aspects of working with clients.

Jenny's personal journey of overcoming acne, which had plagued her for over 15 years, sparked her transition from education to the beauty field. Working under Janine Tait, she gained valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Currently, Jenny dedicates her time to training therapists in clinics that carry the renowned brands she represents, Bestow Beauty and Janesce Skincare. Additionally, she contributes to lecturing in beauty courses for various educational institutions across the country.

At the core of Jenny's approach is the belief that beauty encompasses a holistic perspective. She firmly advocates for industry professionals to continually strive for self-improvement not only in the areas of topical products and treatments but also in understanding the crucial role of nutrition and lifestyle factors that impact the skin's health.

Juliette Miller.jpg

Juliette Miller

NZ Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year 

Juliette, a highly experienced and skilled professional in the field of Cosmetic Tattooing, brings her expertise from her training in the UK to New Zealand. With 28 years of industry experience, Juliette has established herself as a trusted name in the beauty industry. She has a diverse range of talents, serving as a Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist, and Cosmetic Tattooing Technician.

Juliette's clinics in Auckland, Tauranga, and Hamilton are well-known destinations for individuals seeking top-notch Cosmetic Tattooing services. Her extensive client base is a testament to her skill, professionalism, and ability to understand and meet the unique needs of each individual.

Previously, Juliette held esteemed roles as both the Business Development Manager and Training Manager for a prominent establishment in London. Her time in these positions allowed her to deepen her knowledge, stay at the forefront of industry advancements, and refine her skills. She played an integral role in training and developing aspiring Cosmetic Tattooing professionals, ensuring they were equipped with the latest techniques and expertise.

With her wealth of experience, passion for her craft, and dedication to providing exceptional service, Juliette continues to make a lasting impact in the field of Cosmetic Tattooing. 


Kim Ryan

NZ Therapist of the Year

Kim has been in the professional beauty industry for 25+ years and has enjoyed seeing the evolution of beauty products and technologies over this time.  Kim distributes a number of Advanced Cosmetical Skin Care Brands in New Zealand, providing education and support under the Advanced Derma Care umbrella.   Kim joined the Executive Committee of the NZARBP (The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals) to give back to the industry and provide guidance and support to students and new graduates - ensuring they are working to the highest standards from the beginning of their career. Kim is enjoying working with a team of like-minded individuals, bringing the best to the industry through positive education and guidance.


Larissa Whitman

NZ Spa of the Year

Larissa has been in the Beauty Industry for a smidge over 20 years in which time she has had the pleasure of working with many inspiring colleagues and clients, and experienced the vigour’s & rewards of owning her own business. 

To restore a revitalised sense of self & inner beauty through therapeutic treatments has been a passion of Larissa's throughout her career.  She has specialised in MLD & Electrology and is now wanting to pass onto the new generation of beauty therapy students in her role as one of the Beauty Therapy tutors at Te Pukenga/ARA Polytech in Christchurch.



Louise Gray

NZ Clinic of the Year 

As a therapist and the owner of the clinic Louise Gray Skin Care, Louise is dedicated to the industry.   She trained at the Joyce Blok Institute in 1996 having been an intensive care Nurse for many years overseas and in NZ.

Louise divides her time between practicing her craft, mentoring numerous industry professionals, as an educator/ trainer and previously a distributor of some of the most leading-edge technical devices. 

She has been an active member of the NZARBP and is a Member of the NZARBP Executive Committee, and was an appointed Board Member of Te Pukenga HITO NZ.  She is proud to be involved in one of the most dynamic and diverse industries in New Zealand.

Maria Hyde-Smith.copy.jpg

Maria Hyde Smith

NZ Spa of the Year

Maria’s professional background includes working at some of the UK’s leading spa and health facilities. She practiced as a beauty and spa therapist before moving into an educational role within the same field. After moving to New Zealand she managed and taught at a variety of training establishments including AUT University for 25 years. Maria has been involved in the wellness, spa and tourism industry at a national and international level. Maria’s continuing professional development incudes key note speaking at a variety of international spa and tourism conferences, contributing to industry working groups and publishing research on the connection of the spa and wellness sector to tourism. 

Michelle Channon.jpg

Michelle Channon

NZ Therapist of the Year

A self-confessed “skin geek”, Michelle is well recognised in the Beauty industry as a specialist skincare educator. Internationally qualified, with over 30 years’ experience, Michelle continues to update her knowledge, learning from industry pioneers and innovators. Michelle combines her skin knowledge with her functional nutrition qualification to help unlock the mysteries of skin conditions.

With a desire for everyone to have the healthiest, best looking skin they can and empowering people to make more informed choices, Michelle is passionate about the Beauty Industry continuing to self assess and measure markers of improvement and success so the consumer gets the very best advice and treatment.

Oonagh Wolfkamp.jpeg

Oonagh Wolfkamp

NZ Student/Apprentice of the Year

As soon as I started my beauty therapy training, I was captivated. Although the intensity of the study was something I hadn’t expected, it was two years of new understandings that would be part of my lifelong learning.
My training provided me with incredible opportunities that have sustained my career for 40 years. I’ve been lucky to work in clinics and health spa’s; build my own mobile beauty business and work on a cruise ship sailing from Alaska to the Caribbean. I eventually followed my dream of teaching beauty therapy and arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand 33 years ago to work in a beauty therapy college, where shortly after, I became college Principal.
Maintaining and building high standards in the industry has been a main focus of my career. Consequently, I have been involved in developing beauty and spa programmes and moderating qualifications. I have worked as a national and international examiner and Beauty Industry Assessor. I was an executive committee member of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals for 20 years. During this time, I also held the position of President, and led the Association through the Covid pandemic, developing online networking and support mechanisms. 

 member until 2021.

Pauline de Thierry.jpg

Pauline De Thierry

NZ Clinic of the Year 

 With 18 years industry experience, Pauline remains a dedicated and passionate clinic owner and mentor for her team and clients on the Coromandel.  Her passion is driven by excelling team culture, education, industry support and development, while she continues to work with clients supporting them with Advance Skin Revision and Therapies. 

 Pauline is an industry advocate, building positive  relationships and both personal and professional  development within the industry, empowering others to nurture our industry culture and strive for excellence. 

You will find Pauline in the small coastal town of Thames, where she has built an award winning clinic; Pamper Me MediSpa. A multi award winning business recognised by HITO Industry Awards, Beauty Industry Award Finalists, DMK Skin Awards, Community Business Awards, Regional Business Award winners, including International Skin Case Study Awards with DMK Paramedical Skin Care.  

Pauline is honoured to have the opportunity to be on the Judging Panel for NZ Clinic of the Year.

"I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the entrants the very best. I look forward to receiving your applications and learning about your journey to success. This is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, take a birds eye view of your business and reflect and celebrate your achievements '. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 11.21.41 PM.png

Peter Willis

NZ Clinic of the Year

Following a successful career within the New Zealand Police Peter did a complete U-turn and entered the Beauty Industry.

That was 20 years ago now and today, as Managing Director of Arrow Beauty Peter has seen Professional Beauty Therapy grow from strength to strength.

From humble begins Arrow Beauty has grown into a leading Industry Supplier with a passionate team of professionals all working hard for the betterment of our Therapists.

Passionate about our industry and a long-term supporter of our NZ Beauty Therapy Association Peter is privileged to bring his experience and knowledge to this year’s Judging Panel. 

An avid sportsman Peter has been a top-level Rugby Referee with Premier Rugby in New Zealand and Rugby 7’s overseas. These days he’s just a happy to Referee the lower grades or you’ll find him at the 19th hole.

As a Distributor Member of our Association I was extremely proud to be accepted as a Judge for this year’s awards. I have no doubt the calibre of entrant will be extremely high and I want to wish all those the very best of luck

Rebecca Field.jpg

Rebecca Field

NZ Therapist of the Year 

Rebecca has been involved in the beauty industry for 28 years. Being a late starter to the industry she qualified in 1995 and went on to attend post graduate courses in advanced skin analysis courses, advanced electrolysis, Dr Vodder lymph drainage and  Reiki.

Rebecca had a clinic for 13 years on the North Shore in Auckland before joining a  large beauty & appearance franchise, where she worked providing business support to the owners and product training to the beauty therapists.

In 2015 she bought a Caci Clinic in the Hawkes Bay and now owns 2 clinics there and employs 8 staff. The beauty industry has been a passion for Rebecca and continues to fulfil her to this day.