Hydrotherapy is the use of water to revitalise, maintain, and restore health.

There are many types of hydrotherapy treatments, with something to suit every client. Treatments include saunas, steam baths, foot baths, sitz baths, and the application of cold and hot water compresses. 
Hydrotherapy treatments help to promote feelings of comfort and physical wellbeing, by producing a large increase in blood and lymph circulation, strengthening your immune system, improving your metabolism and detoxifying your body.

Vichy Shower

A vichy shower treatment can be described as a whole body water massage.  During a Vichy you lie on a bed with the shower jets above you.  The therapist adjusts the placement, temperature and pattern of the jets to suit the individuals needs.  The Vichy is very relaxing, and it helps to hydrate your skin and relieve muscle tension and sooth stress away.  It is excellent combined with a body scrub or wrap.

Eye Treatments

There are a huge range of non-surgical eye treatments available today to protect the health and appearance of the delicate eye area.  Some eye treatments use products to nourish, hydrate, brighten and firm the eye area while decreasing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.  Others include gentle acupressure massage around the eye socket to relieve eye tension. Some treatments will also combine the use of electrical pulses and cooling balls on the eye area.  Your trained therapist can personalise an eye treatment for you.

Purifying Back Treatments

This is a unique treatment designed to cater for the hard to reach and often neglected back area.  It is designed to cleanse the pores, removed dead skin, and release muscle tension to aid relaxation.  A favourite among male clients.

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