Voting Forms

The Voting Process


All fully paid members are entitled to vote for the Associations President, Vice-President, Executive Committee and Area Representatives.  This can be done in three ways:


  1. By attending the AGM.  Voting will be decided on a show of hands or by poll on the day (Sunday 15 September 2019)

  2. By Ballot in lieu of attending.  The valid ballot paper can be found here.  The ballot papers will be counted by the Manager and an appointed committee member and the results will be announced at the meeting.

  3. By Proxy.  You can appoint another member to vote on your behalf on the day.  To nominate someone to vote  on your behalf you must complete the proxy section of the form here and return it to the Association no later than 48 hours before the AGM commences.


Ballot by Proxy forms can be found here


Return via email to:


Post to:

The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals

PO BOX 62528


Auckland 1546


Further detailed information about the voting process can be found in our Rules and Regulations document,located in our Members Resources.