Kim Ryan

As a passionate member of this industry I am honored to be the President of your Association, and it would be my desire to continue in this role.  I believe it is a necessity for the momentum we have started developing over the last two years that I continue into my second term.




During my time as President, the Executive Committee and I have been implementing changes.  These include recruitment of a new Office Manager, and a Marketing and Communications Advisor.  These roles are critical to the support of our members, to uphold the professional image of the Association and work towards meeting our goals.


The Executive Committee has grown in the last couple of years to include some passionate beauty professionals with a shared vision to encourage a more regulated and safe industry, as well integrating the various modalities of professional beauty care.  As this group become more settled into their individual portfolios we are going to see some great benefits coming through for our members, including working toward the options for a more regulated industry.


There are a number of highlights of my first two years that I am extremely proud of.  These include the BeautyNZ Association Awards, the upcoming BeautyNZ First Aid Day, the introduction of a clinic-based membership option and an option to pay your fees over the course of three months.


Future Goals


Providing a safe and professional workforce is the key to a successful industry.  To create awareness for the safe hands campaign by telling beauty consumers that our members are qualified, professional and registered is a message we are currently working on developing further.  The BeautyNZ First Aid Day is a good example of our motivation to ensure this is a priority, as is the work we are achieving with Melanoma New Zealand. This includes supporting them as they investigate the possibility of offering courses designed to teach beauty professionals how to identify melanoma.  Encouraging our industry to support the work Melanoma NZ is undertaking to create awareness of the biggest killer in NZ next to heart disease is also a priority for an industry that is dedicated to skin health.


Our work alongside HITO will continue to ensure the apprenticeship model echoes the needs of the industry and the new government mandate to design a successful beauty apprenticeship. 



My promise to you is to increase our membership and encourage more beauty professionals to join our movement to self-regulate the industry, to ensure the guidelines are met across New Zealand, and show that we are dedicated to providing NZ with a safe and professional workforce.


My vision is to have an association that is supportive to all our members, and especially those new to the profession.  To steer them in the right direction and encourage continual education and training as well as providing employment and small business advice at the same time as ensuring they are practicing in a safe and professional way. 


I look forward to achieving an association that will make this industry proud.  I hope you are with me!