Julie Martin

As a nominee for the position of President and Executive Committee member of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, I wish to state that as a clinic owner (sole trader), I have no financial interests in any other commercial operations within the beauty industry.


As your future president, my intention is to achieve the following goals;

Establish a strong professional working relationship with members and grow our membership.

In my 33 years as a member of the Association I have experienced a growing void between members and Committee. I believe this can be changed through building rapport with members using multiple platforms of communication. I especially endorse individual discussions with members, small informal working groups and making our AGM an informative, vibrant event. I believe a president should always be available to their members.


Establishing our Association to be seen as a strong professional organisation

We are constantly battling to be recognised as a professional organisation. Our role in industry is ever growing and changing, and the Association has not kept pace. I will reinvigorate the Association’s infrastructure based on professionalism, strong ethical values, transparency, strong leadership combined with strong communication that more adequately represents the needs of therapists and clients in the 21st century.


Protect our profession by obtaining Government recognised Registration for the beauty industry

Our professional image is being damaged by unqualified operators calling themselves beauty therapists, with a consequent increase in malpractice and complaints. Since 2014, I have been collaborating with the Ministry of Health, Councils, and DHB’s to develop a realistic registration model to protect the public and us from these unscrupulous operators. As president I will be accelerating this process and engage more closely with Authorities.


Introduce recognised continuing professional development courses for members

For many years I have heard members complain that they want more training and workshops. I feel the association, as the professional body, has a key role to play in facilitating and guiding continuing professional development as part of their infrastructure to develop the knowledge base of its members and grow. Continuing professional development will be a key portfolio in my new executive


Please make sure to read my next submission in the Association's September newsletter so you can make an informed decision at the AGM.  As always I am available to talk.

E: julie@juliemartin.co.nz